About the Firm

Davis & Whalen PC counsels individuals and their advisors in estate planning, helping our clients achieve both tax and non-tax objectives. We assist our clients in the administration of estates and trusts, in the creation and administration of family charitable foundations, and in their personal business matters, including real estate and the formation of LLCs and partnerships. We use a variety of sophisticated and creative techniques that best benefit our clients now and in the years to come.

Davis & Whalen PC was established in 1999 by Edmond R. Davis and Michael R. Whalen. We started our law firm with the desire to provide our clients with “big firm” expertise in a personalized, small firm setting. We are dedicated to providing specialized, responsive service to our clients.

All of us at our firm work together as a team to serve every one of the families we represent. Collectively we have a tremendous breadth and depth of expertise and experience. We are also very creative. We use our collective expertise, experience, and creativity for all our clients by talking with each other and meeting to discuss our pending tasks. When a client calls, any one of us should be able to help or find the one of us who can. If we cannot, we will find another expert who can.

We spend considerable time developing our expertise in the areas of importance to our clients. As authors and speakers we stay on the forefront of developments affecting California probate and trust law and federal estate and gift tax laws. Our lawyers and paralegals attend many seminars and conferences. This expertise, combined with our years of experience, provides exceptional competence for our clients in a broad range of areas.

In serving our families we use the latest technology available. We are on the cutting edge in using computer technology in every aspect of our practice. As appropriate, we use email to communicate with our clients. We do our research on the internet, using online research tools. We use electronic imaging to store documents electronically. We use our computers to process documents, maintain our calendars, send and receive faxes, keep time records, and send statements. This use of technology translates into efficient service for our clients.